Teen Book & Caramel Sauce Giveaway Winner!

Remember when I introduced you to my friend Beth … and her tattooed teenager, Carter?

That's Carter in the orange shirt. The one with the earrings ... in both ear and cartilage. :)

And I mentioned that we’d have a giveaway for my teen book?

And Beth’s caramel sauce …?

Well, we have a winner and it’s Angela who said …

Angela says:

Well I don’t have any big parenting challenges just yet but I think my biggest challenge will be myself. It’s so wonderful yet painful watching your children grow up. My oldest is going to be 10 in just 2 short months. It seems hard to believe that I’m a mom of a 10 year old. I just hope that I can be the parent my children need me to be when they are teens. It seems like so many moms grow distant from their teenagers or maybe they just aren’t in their lives like they should be. I want to be the house where all the kids come to hang out, I want to be the fun mom yet the mom that has wisdom and that they can talk to about anything. Praying for wisdom and guidance as the “teen” years aren’t far off! Would love to read your book!

Congrats Angela! You’re picking up my teen book at the perfect time! Ten years old is not too early to think about parenting teens. And yippie for caramel sauce. Good for moms with kids of any age!