Teens and a Cup of Tea

Good morning! I thought today we’d talk teens. But first I wanted to share with you my all time new favorite tea: Hot Cinnamon Sunset. Yum.

It’s gorgeous, it smells amazing, and the taste is crazy delicious.

Now, then.  The tea is the quick, easy stuff – not so much the teens. So I’d like to invite you to watch an interview Will and I had at It’s a New Day.

Just click here and the video will pop up. (If you have problems, click here.) You can leave it running while you catch up on email, etc. But I urge you to give it a listen. Here are a few highlights:

What worked with your 8 year old isn’t going to work with a 16 year old …

Teenagers: They’re bumpy and they’re complicated but they’re gifts and discipleship opportunities.

Are you a Martha/ ‘doing mom’ or a Mary /‘being mom?’

If it’s not critical, don’t control.

The 20 year perspective … do you have it?

Teenagers make you more of a real person …

Little pep talk mom: No matter what’s going on with your kids … you can do this. And you can find joy in it. Just lean into God and grab all the wisdom you can …