ten things I learned from my mother

My husband, Will, posted yesterday about the top ten things he learned from his mom. I love his list. And I decided that it’s the perfect way to celebrate my sweet mom for Mother’s Day.

Gratefully, my mom is still around setting a great example for me, my sister and brother, and a boatload of grandkids. This list is just a drop in the sea of Mimi goodness but here goes.

Ten things I learned from my mother:

1. To love Jesus

2. To go to church weekly /and support your church.

3. To care compassionately for animals.

4. To care even more compassionately for people.

5. To treat every person in your family with the same goodness and kindness.

6. To remember birthdays, celebrate holidays and look for ways to bring the family together.

7. To never, ever hold a grudge.

8. To expect the best in people but always realize nobody is perfect.

9. To exercise patience. Always.

10. To know a warm plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies makes a lot of sense in every situation.

Honorable mentions:

1. To gracious accept the title: Saint Margaret.

2. Understand even dogs want company while eating.

3. Accumulate the largest, most coveted assortment of painted sweatshirts ever.

Happy Mother’s Day Mimi! I love you!!!

What have you learned from your mom?