thankful for a messy desk :: The Joy Challenge

I’m thankful for my messy desk. But I didn’t even realize until I saw my friend’s messy desk.

I was at Kristi’s house Saturday for our annual cooking extravaganza (more on that in December when I’ll be featuring ‘Family Favorite Recipes’ from some of my favorite families!) — and I wandered into her nook and saw this:

When I saw it, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures until I heard, “… don’t take pictures of my messy desk!”  I laughed because I would have felt the same if she was taking pictures at my house. But because it was her house, her desk, and her life … I was able to see the ‘messy desk’ from a different perspective.

The messy desk was a portrait of a beautiful life: A mother’s life.

Let’s take a look: Front and center … a rose from her daughter’s recent high school ‘senior night.’ *tear* On the right, fresh folded laundry. Then a homemade card from a child. Pictures galore and some scented stuff. Something inexplicable in a container (looks like a kid’s science project), Essie ‘Anyone Cardi’ nail polish, a wisp of a computer cord and a load of papers yet to go through.

I think it’s utterly gorgeous.

What’s on your messy, beautiful desk?

… what’s the Joy Challenge?