thankful for a stress-free Thanksgiving :: The Joy Challenge

Something tremendous happened yesterday. And I thought I’d share it with you. Because I’m nearly certain that it will help you have a stress-free Thanksgiving.

I was at a horse show all weekend with my daughter, Sara. It’s one of those glorious all day affairs with much visiting amongst moms in between watching the girls do their rounds. The barn owner, Christy, is a friend of mine. She was there with her daughters. And she was sweet enough Saturday evening to take Sara out to dinner after the show.

The early morning sights at the horse show ...

Before I go on, you need to know a few things about Christy. She’s a model. Seriously. She’s drop dead gorgeous and she models.  She has an enormously charming husband, three amazing children and a fabulous house near the lake. On top of that, she has a barn. A girl that’s got it all together.

Here's Christy ... and her husband Dave on the left.

So as I was saying, Christy took Sara out to dinner Saturday night after the show. And when she came to drop her off at our house, she pulled in the driveway. Sara jumped out of the car – opened the garage – and waved goodbye. No big deal. Until Sunday when Christy said this:

Christy: I knew I liked you but now I really like you.

Me: Well, thanks.

Christy: No. You don’t understand – when I dropped Sara off – she opened your garage.

Me: Yes …

Christy: Well, it looks like my garage and that made me feel so good. There was stuff everywhere …

Me (laughing): Oh, Christy – that’s my garage clean! If you had only seen it 3 months ago, you would have really loved me.

That conversation made me realize something important and it’s getting me back on the right track. Because … I started really stressing about Thanksgiving. Thinking my house needs to be just so. That the meal should be replete with unadulterated homemade goodness. But the truth is … it’s okay to run by Marie Callender’s and pick up some pies. It’s okay to buy (gasp) a smoked turkey from Rudy’s. It’s even okay to have a sink full of dirty dishes.

kitchen sinkAnd a messy garage.

It’s not perfection your guests are looking for at all. It’s just regular old you. Inviting them in to your everyday life. For some good food and conversation.

So, cheers to a stress-free Thanksgiving!