thankful for dreams fulfilled :: The Joy Challenge

When I was little, my sister Linda gave me a book for my birthday. I still have it today. Because inside, there is a picture of a horse. The horse I dreamed of owning when I was just a girl … the horse was a dapple gray mare.

I begged my parents for a horse. (What little girl hasn’t?) And though they did allow me to ride at a barn after school, I never owned a horse.

Years went by. And riding got crowded out by cheering at high school football games and then moving on to college. A couple years later, I got married and had kids. Life marched forward but no matter where we lived or what we were doing … I still dreamed of owning a dapple gray mare.

For my 30th birthday, my husband gifted me with a riding lesson. When I took that lesson, it reignited a passion so strong … that it not only overwhelmed and captured me but it also won over our two daughters. And suddenly, all the Davis girls were riding.

Two years later, a horse became available that fit our budget and was suitable for all  girls in our family .

And she just happened to be … a dapple gray mare.

Our first horse, Tammy Tell Me True

My childhood dreams fulfilled. A result of my champion husband. And my God.

Hey little girl … don’t give up on your dreams. Or God.

“He fills my life with good things.” Psalm 103.5

… what’s the Joy Challenge?