thankful for enough :: The Joy Challenge

I have a confession.

Sometimes when I shop for Christmas gifts – I buy stuff for myself. It’s not that I go out thinking I want to load up on stuff for myself … it just happens. And then I end up with a barfing closet. It’s kind of embarrassing.

It happened for years and then I stumbled on an antidote. I’m going to share it with you – just in case you struggle like me with impulsive buying. With forgetting to remember that you already have enough.

Now, if you don’t want to know …

Please stop reading this post.

Because if you continue …

It’s a sure bet, you won’t dig shopping as much and you’ll stop overbuying. Yes, even on days like today. This antidote is the key to overspending on days like Black Friday.

Now, just in case you’re not ready – I’m going to post some pretty pictures of Thanksgiving to protect you from upcoming information. That’s right, if you are armed with those special Black Friday flyers and not ready to stop needless spending — do not scroll down. Instead,  just click away from this screen.

Aren’t these gorgeous hydrangeas? Lynn had them on her dining room table?

Aren’t these gorgeous girls? They’re all cute little cousins creeping on FB.

Okay, fair is fair. Here goes … to gain control over impulse buying and feeling merciless against the onslaught of tantalizing sales on Black Friday, pray this prayer:

Turn my eyes from worthless things, and give me life through your word. Ps. 119.37

True confession: I prayed that one and slowly but surely, I lost a taste for the stuff. Of course I have to keep praying it. Cause sure as certain, that appetite for more will surge again. But without trying to sound to weird and churchy, this little prayer helps. It’s worth a try. Jot it down on a post-it note and take it to Target. Mutter it under your breath when you’re at the mall. Keep it in mind when you’re wandering around Wal-Mart.

Cause it just might be the thing that keeps you out of trouble this year. That helps you to remember, you’ve already got more than enough.