thankful for imperfection :: The Joy Challenge

So I got word yesterday morning that I am on Fox’s Good Day Austin television show this morning. The original plan was for next Tuesday morning but something came up and they confirmed yesterday at noon that I would be the guest this morning instead … which is great.

Except that my hair appointment – to fix my faux blonde hair – is 2 days from now.  Ah, well. Whatever. My hair will be teased up to Tennessee to hide those roots. And hey, if you haven’t noticed Giada often needs her roots touched up. I think her peeps do a great job of teasing her hair. I hardly notice them. Of course, I am distracted by all that gorgeous food going on … and her teeny, tiny perfect figure. (Sidenote: Is it too late for me to lose 5 lbs?)

No, you know … I’m joking around. I’m not stressing too much about the TV deal. It’s only like a 4 minute interview. I’m just planning on moving my hands a lot to distract people from my dark roots and those extra 5 lbs.

I tease. (Seriously. I tease. A lot. Especially tomorrow.)

No really – long ago, my dad said that it’s good for people to know you’re not perfect. (Sidenote: I AM NOT PERFECT!) He says that it puts everyone at ease. (Hope y’all are feeling at ease!) He actually went as far as saying that when you go out the door, mess one little thing up. (I think I got more than one …)

Honestly. I am grateful for my imperfections. I am grateful for the journey that brought me right here, right now. With my glorious dark roots. And a few extra pounds. With a message of thanks living. And an opportunity to communicate it. I am grateful for my dad’s advice to be okay with imperfections. And I am tremendously grateful for a Father that accepts me wholeheartedly – in all my imperfection.

So I guess just one big question remains …


Okay. Wears cuter than it looks. Sassy little black skirt from Gap. Understated.


Not understated. Not from Gap.

Whatcha think? Remember: Needs to look great with teased hair.