thankful for last minute things :: The Joy Challenge

It was a crazy week. I started a new job Monday at 105.9 FM in Austin with Crista Ministries. Great job. Fabulous ministry. Wonderful people. But a new full time job nonetheless … a tad stressful.

Then Monday night we got a midnight call … our 20 year old Emily was making doughnuts with her roommates and had an accident. She suffered 3rd degree burns on her right hand (dang cooking oil!!). At the last minute, my precious husband sped off in the middle of the night to sit in the hospital with her (she’s in Waco at Baylor – some 2 hours away). Bless his fatherly heart. Only one of the many reasons I love him. Meanwhile, I was at home freaking out.

So the week tumbled along. Me – trying to keep my head up feeling like a deadbeat mom. Me – trying my hardest to keep my head in the game. It’s those last minute things that trip you up. The unexpected stuff.

Emily finally got home. And I finally got to mother her. She’s going to be okay (prayers for her hand and healing are appreciated).  And we commenced with our Thanksgiving plans. His family. Mine. Lots of good times. And lots of family.

And then today. Some last minute things that made me grateful. Emily and I made a joyous run to Anthropologie. Emily and I went to Saturday night church. Emily and I made a late night run to HEB (our local grocery store) and found … of all things … darling candles Illume candles. Ridiculously reasonable. Perfectly adorable.

We bought a boatload. For her friends. For mine. Checking off the Christmas to do list. Spending time laughing together.

Thank you God for last minute things. For grocery runs with my daughter. For you protecting her when I couldn’t. For a husband that runs to protect and care for her … at the last minute.