thankful for ministry :: The Joy Challenge

My husband is a pastor at Austin Christian Fellowship. We’re a ministry family. So yes, that means we don’t have a regular weekend. Weekends are work days around the Davis house. Matter of fact, Will is prepping for tonight’s service right now.

Sometimes when people hear that I’m married to a minister, they feel sorry for me (not sure why – see handsome man I married below with our darling daughters). Matter of fact, just this week someone said, “I do not envy your life!” I’m sure they were referencing the stereo-typical pastor’s life stuff:  Long hours, low pay, life in the fishbowl kind of thing.

will, emi, sara

But what they fail to realize is the benefits! So I’ve got a little top ten list here … (ministry peeps, be sure and chime in):


10. Some seriously positive peer pressure …
9. Proximity to some of the most passion people on the planet (thanks ACF staff!).
8. Access to a constant source random bible trivia > I call my husband bible boy.
7. Lifetime of helping people and offering comfort in the worst times.
6. Lifetime of celebrating with people in the best times!
5. First row seating at all church /major family events: Weddings, etc.
4. Three words … hospital parking permit.
3.  Major preacher perk: People love feeding our family. Got some fabulous cookies recently (thanks Josephine!).
2.  Free counseling 24/7.
1. And of course … retirement benefits are outta this world!