thankful for shopping secrets :: The Joy Challenge

I recently discovered something amazing: Dottie’s Shopping Secret.

I was with my two dear friends, Robin and Kristi, doing a little shopping at Anthropologie. We were candle sniffing and browsing when Robin spied an adorable gray skirt.

She wanted to try it on … but didn’t have much time. Kristi, observing the cuteness of the skirt and overhearing the dilemma, shared her grandmother Dottie’s little shopping secret. Observe below …

Robin was a little shocked but then Kristi modeled it for us.

And told Robin to get busy trying it on.

So she did.

But she wasn’t sure it was right for her. (Bah-ha!)

I am thankful for  … Dottie’s Time Saving Shopping Secret.

Adorable Anthro skirts. (Kristi bought it.)

Dear friends that let me snap pictures knowing … they’ll likely show up in my blog. ;)

What about you? Got any shopping secrets?

… what’s the Joy Challenge?