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I love teenagers. Not because they’re necessarily easy to live with … or keep clean up after for that matter. I love them because they’re a work in progress. They’ve often got a mess of attitude. And a mess of a room.

messy room

But at times, they can be utterly confounding.

Just like something that recently happened to my friend Beth from Maryland. Beth is the friend that provides an endless supply of this fabulous caramel sauce. I love it. It’s addictive, too caloric … and utterly delicious. Over a year ago, Beth told me the sauce soothed tremendously during times of great stress. And she speaks the truth.

This last week, I had an email exchange with Beth when ordering some of her goodies. Went something like this:

Beth: Things here in MD are good.  My youngest went to college this year and I’m hoping we all survive it.  Six of them just went and got tattoo’s and I found out about it on Facebook!  Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty and I think I ate a complete jar of caramel sauce!

Me: Oh Beth – that made me laugh out loud. May I quote you in my blog? I love teenagers. Of course, it’s easier to love a teen that got tattooed without permission when he’s not your own. Do you have my teen book? I’ll send it to you if you don’t. In it, I talk about impulsiveness and how the teen brain isn’t quite finished growing yet.

Beth: Sure – you can quote me.  But this was not my finest hour –  I believe I may have thrown out there, “So when you get married – I guess I’ll read about it on Facebook” and “Maybe when you have your first child I guess I’ll learn about it on Facebook!”  He said, “But Mom, I’m 18.” And then I may have said something like, “Eighteen! Eighteen!  I’ll give you eighteen.  Here’s your cell phone bill, your car insurance bill and oh yeah your college tuition bill!”
My husband said he thought I was having an out of the body experience!
And on a side note – guess who called today and has overdrawn his checking account?
No, I don’t have your teen book and would love it!

Me: Oh Beth … I’m laughing again. The gray matter in his brain – just not finished yet. Who doesn’t think to tell his parents he got a tattoo and then go ahead and post it on FB?
… Overdrawn? … Sigh.  A true teen.

That's Carter in the orange shirt. The one with the earrings ... in both ear and cartilage. :)

Then a day later, I got this email.

Beth: I had lunch with Carter today.  We calmly discussed getting a tattoo, posting it on FB, overdrawn accounts and various other subjects.  So, at the moment we are back to a semi normal with a promise to talk to me first before big decisions!

Don’t cha just love Beth? And her tattooed teenager?

When you’re in the thick of parenting, it’s easy to lose sight that teens are a work in progress. Just the same as you and me. So take a deep breath mom. And pass the caramel sauce.

BOOK/CARAMEL SAUCE GIVEAWAY: I’m thinking Beth is not the only mom freaking out just a little. If you have a teen and are in need of some wisdom in raising them …

just tell me what your biggest challenge is parenting and you are entered in a drawing to win a copy of my book, Parenting Your Teen and Loving It: Being the Mom Your Kid Need AND a jar of the stress soothing caramel sauce courtesy of Beth! It’s a winning combination …

Contest ends Friday November, 26 2010.

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