thankful for the gratitude giveaway :: The Joy Challenge

Why are these women laughing?

women laughing a. They just inherited a small piece of land.

b. One of them just got married.

c. They just found out about the Good News Girl’s GRATITUDE GIVEAWAY!

But of course, it’s ‘c’ … they are thrilled, overcome and ecstatic in hearing that tomorrow morning, on this very blog there will be a GRATITUDE GIVEAWAY. And in the giveaway, there will be some serious goodies from the likes of Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and other things that make women like this laugh and hug.

And the very good news? You’re invited to enter the drawing. And all it’s gonna cost you is a little thanks. Yep. All you need to do is drop back by tomorrow and be ready to give away a little gratitude and you’ll be entered in THE GRATITUDE GIVEAWAY!!

Yippieeee! Mark it on your calendar, write it on your hand – but whatever you do, make plans to stop back tomorrow morning to enter. You’ll be glad you did – and you might be just as happy as these women. (One of whom just got married …)

Whatcha sitting around for?!? The GIVEAWAY is going on NOW!!