thankful my husband doesn’t get mad at me when I share things about our marriage on TV :: The Joy Challenge

Okay, first off. I dressed sedately. Second, I moved my hands around a lot but not on purpose. Third, my husband watched this live – as did many of the staff at our church (his job) – and he said, “So, you went on TV and threw me under the bus in front of all of Austin??!”  He was joking. He is actually amazing about my transparency.

And he knows when I share something about our ‘imperfect marriage’ that it’s likely to help someone else with an imperfect marriage. And he’s glad about it. I thought I’d put it up here for you to see. Because just maybe you need to know … even the pastor and his wife have their stuff. And that’s okay. They need just as much help from God to make marriage beautiful as everyone else.