thanks living :: The Joy Challenge

It’s November – the month of Thanksgiving – so I’ve been thinking about how I should probably be more thankful. Frankly, I know I need to be more grateful and appreciative because sometimes my attitude stinks. I tend to forget that my life is full of many blessings … like my husband, my kids, and my house. These are all things that fill me with joy every day. And yet, I fail to appreciate them. I take them all for granted.

So I’ve issued myself a challenge. I call it The Joy Challenge and it goes something like this:

Every day – give thanks.

And in every thing – give thanks.

I know. That’s not always easy. There are days it’s really hard to be grateful – to feel appreciative. So for the next 30 days I’m going to encourage you with thoughts and pictures that make gratitude a reality. For the next 30 days, I’m praying ‘The Joy Challenge’ will inspire you to give thanks every day. And in every thing.

And at the end of November, I just know you’ll feel the contagious spirit of THANKS LIVING!

spain angel