the 911 prayer

Confessions: I am pitiful at remembering where verses are in the Bible. I grew up Baptist but missed the whole bible drill thing.  Must have been down the hall scribbling notes on attendance cards and eating sweet tarts. My husband, on the other hand, is ridiculously skilled. He is so good at remembering verses and addresses that I am an eensy bit co-dependent on his ability. It’s not-so-good.

So every once in a while, when an important verse like this comes around with an easy to remember address, I am so appreciative. Check out Psalm 91:11 …

the 911 prayer

more versions here …

Isn’t that perfect? I call it my 911 prayer. The just right thing to say out loud when my kids head out the door or my son is climbing a big, scary fourteener.

And yes, I realize there’s an extra 1 in there but come on … a girl like me will take whatever she can get.

How about you memorize it with me? Address and all. :)