The Best Job

I’ve had lots of jobs …

In high school, I worked at a Hallmark store. In college, I was a hostess at the Hyatt downtown. When my youngest was in preschool, I taught theater arts part-time at Regents. A few years later, I did some writing and speaking with my friend, Vicki Courtney. And most recently, I found myself working on air on at Spirit.

All of these jobs have been really fun. I’ve loved them all. But yesterday, I saw a couple people that reminded me of the best job ever.

I was at the barn yesterday, when Kalli (my trainer) arrived with Carlysle.

She’s a cutie. And she’s smart. She knows lots of barn stuff already. Like how to get her favorite horse, Pavo,  out of his stall. (We have to really watch her on that … ) And she already knows that she has to wear a helmet when she’s riding.

A little later in the day, my friend Liz dropped by.  And I met Charlie for the first time. Charlie took a seat.

And watched the dog for a bit. Then he entertained me and my 18 year old, Sara, for about an hour. Charlie knows how to throw the ball, high five and make people laugh.

Liz loves Charlie.

And Kalli loves Carlysle.

They both reminded me of what I already know.

Being a mom …  is the best job in the whole world.