The Church :: simple thanksgiving {video}

It’s Friday … but Sunday’s a coming. And I’m thankful for my church. Will and I always say that ACF is the kind of place we’d go even he wasn’t the senior pastor. We love the people that much.

Jesus really loves the people in our church too. And he also really loves the people in the Church (one in the same ~ come to weekend services and I’ll explain). I am grateful for that. And I get pretty cranky when church people hate on Church people. (Read: When Christians disparage other Christians ~ or their churches.) It just shouldn’t be so. But sadly, you don’t have to stumble around very far to find church-haters in the Christian community.

God loves the Church. He calls us his family, his body … his bride. That’s how much he loves us.

So this weekend, I’ll be teaching a message about loving the church … and the Church.

Focusing on the importance of community, grace, affirmation, forgiveness, and love in our lives.

Come visit us ~ and hear all about living life in community with ‘No Stones.’


Love each other … and carry the light giving Message into the night.

(Trouble seeing this video? Click here.)

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