the first lie

You’re waiting for something …. for the job, the baby, the healing. For the answer to the question you’ve been asking God over and over and over.

I know. Me too. And sometimes I feel like God is on the other side of the world taking care of bigger problems. Like He’s sitting up there in the heavens, glorious Three in One, handling a real crisis … but not mine. Prayers trailing off like the clouds in the sky.


That’s when I’m tempted to believe the first lie. The one that I’ve tripped over so many times. I think I’m moving forward in faith then suddenly and violently, my face hits the ground and I’m knocked senseless. Bloodied hands, banged up knees. What just happened here?


It was Eve, my spiritual mother, who believed the first lie. The Bible says:

The woman was convinced.

Right there in Genesis, in the garden, she came to the ugly conclusion: God isn’t taking care of me.

Maybe you, too?

Even though you know God is God, it seems somehow He’s holding out. Or just maybe He’s missing the particulars in your circumstance.

I’ve felt it too but the problem is: Doubting God’s goodness always ends in doubting God’s character.

Doubting-GodWhile the truth about a situation is up in the air, the truth about God is not.

God is holy. He is incapable of lying or cheating or mishandling. He would never hurt you or trick you. He is honest and good. Always fair and protective.

God is God.

The good news is God can take whatever misgivings you have about Him. If you’re suspicious of Him, tell Him. If you feel He’s withholding good gifts, wrestle it out. But whatever you do, don’t let your faith get bushwhacked by imagination. Refuse to worry about things that aren’t even happening. Reject the ‘what if’s’ and ‘oh no’s’ that threaten faith. Resist the fear that defiles and defies His name.

Even when it’s hard and even when the wait seems unbearable, say it out loud: He is a good Father.

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