The Gift of Story

Last night, I watched The King’s Speech. It was not a well planned movie watching experience. Instead, it was an impulse Movie on Demand choice.

Will and I had just finished having a conversation about what to about ‘Bon Jovi’ – a well-loved, well-driven but now defunct family car. Bon Jovi’s sudden demise placed us in a position of having unsavory discussions about getting-another-car. (Note: I don’t like those kinds of financial discussions. They make me cranky.)

So there in the wake of mourning the loveliness of what Bon Jovi was and trying to fathom the next big financial step … I turned to TV and I found The King’s Speech. And for 1 hour and 51 glorious minutes … I never thought about Bon Jovi and bills.

And I was reminded of the comfort of story, the power of story, the gift of story. A good story invades your troubles and requires that you hold hands with another perspective. A good story makes your heart sit still. A good story transports and teaches in the most non-preachy way.

I have met many generous stories. Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard  pulled me out of post-traumatic stress page by beautiful page. Sir Gibbie by George MacDonald made me want to love Jesus with wild abandon. Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird (disguised as non-fiction but it’s so story …) made me want to be brave and think big.

So, all this story talk has made me story hungry. And so I’m wondering …

What story do you love? How has it gifted you?