The Good News Team

Yesterday, I talked about how I gave God a yes to ministry when I was 18 years old. And I talked about how I had no idea where that would take me. The yes has involved founding a church, speaking, authoring books, being on the radio and writing this blog.

God has taken me all over the place. And asked me to do things that I never thought possible ~ and plenty of stuff that I’m not ‘qualified’ to do. He’s like that, yes?

But the one thing I know that makes things work in God’s economy ~ and the thing that makes doing His work so much more fun ~ is doing it in team.Which brings me to this happy moment …

Meet the Good News Team!

Emily Davis. Yes … same last name. She’s my daughter. You’ve probably seen here before here and and here and here. Okay, I write about her a lot. Because I love her: She’s wonderful. A senior in college. The Queen of Taft. And ever resourceful. She’ll be helping with tons of stuff like my ‘favorites.’ And hopefully, squeezing in a blog post or two about how to achieve a lifestyle of Totally Awesome Fun Times.

Kate Stafford. My ultra arty, talented niece. Some days (like yesterday when I looked through the senior pictures she took of my Sara), I just want to be Kate. At least for a day. To see through her lens. And take those kinds of photos. Gracious, she’s got the gift. I’m glad she’s in my life. That she keeps me company. Kate will be posting photos of Austin ~ only in Austin. Oh, joy!

Ronne Rock. I met Ronne at church where she serves as the Creative Arts Producer. She’s multi-talented, takes on tons of things and makes it look easy. Ronne isn’t scared off by all my ideas. She doesn’t mind sipping wine and eating what-nots while I blather on and on about my Big God Dreams.  And did I mention she bakes cupcakes? And she cooks for people all the time? Food that says comfort. She’ll be posting delish recipes that will make you want to open up your house and invite folks in ~ even if it’s messy.

Roxanne Wilson. She’s the Girl-on-the-Go. Relentless energetic. Resolutely positive. And a fabulous friend. We met doing a morning show on radio. And what a blessing she is to me. A social media maven: She got me on FB, taught me to Twitter, and pulled me out of multiple WordPress messes. Besides that, she pointed me in the direction of every must-visit restaurant in Austin. Roxanne does not cook. Proof positive … our ‘Captain Obvious’ radio bit:[audio:|titles=This just in: I know it seems like fruit cost a lot but it’s less than Cheetos ]She will be sharing restaurant / Happy Hour reviews! (Thankfully, she won’t actually be in the kitchen …)

And that’s that: Ta-da! The Good News Team!

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