the nesting place

Every morning, when I pull off my nightgown and get ready to lower my my fifty year old, baby worn body into the bath, I say something: Thank you, God, for this body you gave me. I am so grateful.

I’m sure you realize there are lots of other things I’d like to say to my body. Mean things. Ugly things. But I’ve learned that’s super counter-productive. And it’s not the way you treat a gift.

I am not always so kind to my house ~ which is also a gift. Instead, I am often disparaging. I roll my eyes at the poorly painted walls. I sigh loudly when I walk through the messy garage. I am quick to point out her flaws to people who visit. I am often very mean to my house.

I need help remembering my home is a gift. Do you, too? the nesting place

Meet Myquillyn Smith aka ‘the Nester.‘ She is my personal home evangelist. And she has a new book out for those of us that are unforgiving toward our homes. It’s called: The Nesting Place.

I received the book just this week. It was a day I was feeling grumpy about my too small kitchen. Right as the unkind thoughts were about to hit full force … this beautiful book arrived with a note and a feather. God bless Nester. She came just in time. I went straight to the front porch to read and remind myself:

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

nester feather

Deep breaths. Grateful eyes. Full heart. I taped Myquillyn’s feather on my tired, old mailbox. The one that sits next to the brand new, fancy pants front door. They can live together, you know?

Thank you, God, for this house you gave me. I am so grateful.

Treat yourself, your mom, your sister and your best friend to the gift of deep gratitude ~ and make yourself at home right where you are.

And thanks, Nester, for saying grace over all our homes.

Myquillyn is the home evangelist to the tired perfectionist, and what she preaches is permission – to make ourselves at home right where we are. ~ Emily Freeman