The ‘Not’ Christmas List

Less than four weeks til Christmas. Yes, startling.

This morning, I wrote down all I needed to get done today. And my ongoing list for the rest of the week. It was daunting. Then I remembered reading something entirely helpful. And amazingly profound over at the Nesting Place.

Nester wrote:

“Every year instead of focusing on what I’m gonna do, I first focus on what I’m not going to do.  Somehow it helps me feel a little more focused.  This year, I won’t put up lights outside {but my boys might} I won’t make teacher gifts, I won’t send Christmas Cards, I won’t enter a mall in a frantic search for the perfect gift,  I won’t say yes to things because I feel guilty for saying no. ”

Don’t you just love that?

Along with these secrets to holiday sanity that I learned the hard way, I am adding new ones to my ‘not-to-do’ list:

  • I will not shop for gifts without a plan.
  • I will not skip exercise because I’m too busy.
  • I will not blow my diet because ‘it’s Christmas.’ (Side note: Lost 5 pounds since hitting my ‘personal high’ ~ finishing a collaboration with Tatum that I’ll share in early 2012!)
  • I will not agree to any new projects until after the holidays.
  • I will not wait until Christmas Eve to wrap family presents.

What about you … ? Got any ‘not-to-do’s?’

I don’t send Christmas cards but I do like to keep in touch!