The Picture is Telling

In the same way a horse tells on his rider by twitching his tail in annoyance at a rider’s leg, pinning his ears because of an unnecessarily pull on the bit ~ my photography tells on me.

As I looked through my photos from vacation last night, I got to a certain section and there were annoying twitches. Pinning of ears.

It all started when I tried to duplicate life by reliving a short story that unfolded on the front porch of The Homestead, our cabin in Estes Park. I saw a Colorado chipmunk crawl atop Sara’s open guitar case. It was pretty priceless. Tiny brown and butterscotch  striped creature perched inside the case.

But the opportune moment and best shot ever scurried off as quickly as it arrived. A perfect story unfolded and I wasn’t holding my camera.

So I baited with peanuts, held on to my camera and hoped for a duplicate.

Fifteen minutes passed.

Bored with the wait and chilled from the mist spraying aimless under the portico , I curled up tighter in my blanket and looked through the lens for a distraction.

My daughter’s Chacos.

A gorgeous gray squirrel.

Pretty … but not enough.

Impatient, I cracked open one solitary peanut. Placed it in the case carefully, wrapped the blanket tight around my shoulders and waited another five minutes.


I focused in on the peanut, waiting for the subject to jump in frame.

Again, nothing.

Good gosh, all I want is one teeny tiny dang chipmunk.

Now, there was plenty of activity around me.

Matter of fact, seconds later this golden squirrel practically touched my lens.

And did I mention both my daughters and their friend, Amy, were on the porch singing and playing their guitars? Yep. All three girls smiling … singing this one song over and over. This was the only decent shot I got with my camera.

While I waited restlessly for one little chipmunk, a sweeter short story transpired around me. But discontentment distracted me.

I never got the shot I thought I wanted.

But from what my photos tell me, I have all I want and more sitting right before my eyes.

Does restlessness and discontentment ever interrupt the beauty of your everyday story?


Every drop that I bleed, it’s a gift You give me. Let me spend my skin on You ~ kiss me, whisper, make me new.  I’m a creature for Your love.

lyrics: creature by sparrow & penny

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