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Pears are in season. So, yesterday I purchased five gorgeous red Anjou pears at Central Market. They’re sitting all glorious on my counter top ~ waiting to ripen. Those pears reminded me of a conversation I had with my friend, Cat, about this 31 days of enough I’m writing.

As Cat and I were driving to Warrenton in September, I told her about my angst in dealing with things in my house that were gifted or handed down to me. Trinkets, furniture, and whatnots that were assigned value from other people. People that I love.

I told her how crazy bad it made me feel to think about getting rid of them because they were important to other people. And how I worried if those people knew I no longer valued them, it might hurt their feelings. But I also explained how crazy frustrated it made me feel giving space to the stuff ~ and time to manage the stuff ~ because they didn’t hold value for me.

Cat (who is a gardener and also quietly wise) said: Everything has a season, Susie. Even stuff.

When I look around my house, I see many things at the end of their season in my life. And that is why I am giving some of these things away. But what I am realizing and appreciating is that they are ‘in season’ in a new home. Maybe yours.

Today I am gifting a leather Fossil handbag. It looks to me to be Anjou pear red. ;) I used it maybe twice. Could this be in season at your house? Hoping so …

To enter to win, tell me what you do with things that are no longer in season at your house. Or if you’ve been gifted things with ‘assigned’ value from people you love … how do you handle those things without hurting feelings?

Remember the rules:

1) Only one entry per giveaway item. 2) You are eligible to win only one item a week. 3) Entries on this item open until 5 pm (CST) on Friday 10/19/12. 4) Winners must live in the contiguous United States. This week’s winners will be announced on Saturdays (10/20) on my blog. Please check your email promptly if you’re announced as a winner.

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