The Sweet Song of Friendship

Last Friday evening, I attended a fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration. It was pretty special. The dinner was held at The Headliners restaurant in a high rise in downtown Austin. The night was clear so the view was spectacular. The meal was outstanding and the company was customary of such an event – close friends and family. As the waiters began serving coffee and cake, we watched a short slide show of Tim and Sandra and their years together with nostalgic music accompanying. But after a few minutes, there was a small glitch – one of the songs that was supposed be a part of the power point seemed to disappear. We continued watching as their granddaughter, Savannah, scrambled to see if she could find the problem. After a few seconds, she sighed and said, “Well, it was supposed to be Ella Fitzgerald singing ‘Our Love is Here to Stay.’” There were a few more moments of silent watching when suddenly the guests began spontaneously singing the song to accompany the slide show.

It was extremely sweet – and for me, so poignant. When all didn’t go according to plans at Tim and Sandra’s well planned event, their friends stepped in.

Real friends are like that – don’t you think? You’re in the middle of an unexpected situation and things aren’t going as planned and just when you are sure that it’s never going to work out – a friend steps in. Friends are the people that make things sing in your life when the music stops. They’re the people that move into spots that need brightening. They are the people who jump in, often spontaneously, and seem to know just the right thing to do to make things better.

I know I’ve had it happen hundreds of times. Like my friend Marcia driving my daughter to the barn for her riding lesson. Or my friend Dee assuring me that my writing is making a difference. And my friend Robin, carefully listening as I wonder out loud about what color to paint my kitchen cabinets. Or my friend Jillynn, looking me straight in the face over coffee encouraging me during a dark time spiritually. Those are the people that calm me and cheer me with their music. With their unique song.

Next time you get a little frazzled, scrambling around thinking that you’re life is a mess; listen to the sweet song of friendship. And celebrate the music.

So, how about you? I’d love to hear about a time when a friend stepped in and encouraged you …