The Weekend View


I’ve been overloaded with things to do. Some fabulous stuff – like yesterday’s Open House for the station. And some not so fabulous stuff – like yesterday’s mountainous pile of laundry. But the crazy thing is that when you’re overloaded … everything starts to feel not so fabulous.     *sigh*

When I get like this, I know I need to pull away, catch my breath and rest.

But inevitably, I feel a little twinge of guilt knowing I’ll disappoint someone that needs me, wants me, has to have me.

Gratefully, there is a model for rest that is bigger than even the most desperate of asks. Bigger than my need to perform, complete and feel competent. My life leader, in all his wisdom and perfection, “went away” and was “lost to their view.”

Thank God for a weekend to rest, lost from view.