Things I Learned about You :: 31 Days of Simple Thanksgiving

Well, here we are at the end of 31 days of simple thanksgiving. I want to thank Nester for coming up with such a brilliant idea and being such a charming hostess.

I learned a lot about me this month but much more interesting is what I learned about you. I looked at the top posts in this series over the last month and found out that …

you like messy stuff. :)

Messy Mondays, messy (amazing) mac & cheese and my messy 80’s mother/daughter portrait.


You’re looking for …

Peace in decision making  and  progress in life.

Me too.

You, like me, suffer from pantry envy …

Tiny, Little Pantry

And you love all kinds of cupcakes, especially these:

Autumn Spice Cupcakes w/ Chai Buttercream Frosting


And finally, last but certainly not least, you love the Church. *smile* That makes me really happy.

(To hear the teaching message, ‘No Stones’ ~ click here.)

Thank you for following along these 31 days, for reading & encouraging and for being so fabulously you.

 And oh … if you’d like to keep in touch, click here.