thinking of you today…

Hi. I’m thinking of you today.

Lots of little things swirling in my head as I get ready to share a project Will and I have been working on. It probably will be finished by next Tuesday. More on that later…

But I’m just sitting here working this morning and my heart feels like it could burst for wondering at all how and why God graced me with people like you who read and respond to the notes and pictures I leave here. It’s totally humbling.

I want you to know I appreciate you. I’m thinking of you.

And I’m praying that God shows up in undeniable ways in your life today. That you feel his presence, you see his daily grace and you sit deep in the comfort of his love for you.

God in the big things Susie Davis

Praying you have big moments with God that take your breath away. Maybe a massive pink and orange sunrise spreading across the sky. Or a surprising crash of thunder followed by a brilliant streak of lightning. The kinds of things that remind you God is bigger than all your problems and he can handle even the most complicated things in your life.

God in the small things Susie Davis

And praying you have small moments with God today. The kind that line your life with rich comfort. Maybe it’s the pitter patter footsteps of your little one walking across the hardwood floor. Or the warm smell of toast and coffee filling your kitchen. Those tiny graces one after another.

Praying you see God, hear him and notice the way he’s right beside you. Praying you’ll be deeply content in the season he has for you.

courage, dear heart cs lewis

Just wanted you to know, I’m thinking of you today.


all photos from my instagram feed. join me there?