… there’s a little anniversary celebration going on at my house.

Thirty years ago today, I said yes to God and committed my life to ministry.

Though I had no idea what ‘ministry’ would look like, no idea where it would take me, no idea how it would be accomplished … I said yes.

It’s been a pretty wild, unpredictable ride. Nothing I could have predicted when God overwhelmed me with the invitation.

Looking back, I’m grateful God took a chance on me. And I’m grateful I was hopeful enough at 18 to jump out on faith. To believe that he could do something with me ~ even though I had no idea what that might be.

And looking back, I’m kind of in awe and amazed at how he has changed me. Molded me … and wouldn’t let go of me. His tenacious yet loving determination to get me where I need to be. Makes me snile.

You know what else makes me smile?  That the ministry God called me to has caused our paths to cross. How that yes opened a door to meet you.

So today … I celebrate the goodness of God, his graciousness to me and the gift of you.

Much love,


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