Top 10 guilt-free pleasures – part 2

Since this is part two (see part one here) highlighting an interesting article I read about the health benefits of favorite American pleasures, we’re starting the big countdown at number five:

5. Sex. Oh wait … I already *uncovered* that one. Never mind.

Okay, new number five please.

5. Wine. Now. That’s better. (Though it is good paired with sex…)

” … though researchers aren’t entirely sure how it works its magic. Its antioxidants may keep blood vessels flexible, or alcohol could boost HDL (good) cholesterol.”

4. Massage. (Hey, that’s pretty nice before, um, sex … hmm?)

“In general, people who are touched regularly are healthier. And if your budget doesn’t include spa services, consider hands-on time with your honey.”

3. Getting your zzz’s. Sleep. (Generally better after sex.)

“Our experts unanimously agreed: Sleep is free and has virtually zero health drawbacks, making it the one treat no one should skimp on. Pillow time gives you energy, bolsters your immune system, boosts your memory, and even helps you get (or stay) slim.”

2. Daily chocolate fix. (Before, after or in between. Doesn’t matter.)

“A study published late last year found that eating 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate a day for two weeks reduced stress hormones in highly anxious people.”

1.Sweet, sweet sunshine (… not even going there.)

“Exposing bare skin to the sun also triggers the synthesis of vitamin D, a hormone that may reduce your risks for cancer, heart disease, fragile bones, and other problems.”

For a complete list and to read the unsullied article in, click here.