unsexiest summer ever.

Of course, of course. Details. Details. I forgot to tell you about my unsexiest summer ever.

That would be this summer. 2013. I am right in the middle of it, bless-my-husband’s-sweet-heart.

A little history: Last week, my publisher sent me a happy email to inform me that Uncovered: Revealing the Secrets of a Sexy Marriage (kindle version) is on sale for $1.99 … which is a steal. A deal. Completely fabulous. And explains why it’s been on Amazon’s Best Sellers in Human Sexuality. Yep, Uncovered is sandwiched between The Modern Kama Sutra and A User’s Guide for Fifty Shades of Grey. Which is hilarious. For several reasons …


  1. Uncovered is so not Modern Kama Sutra or Fifty Shades of Grey … no worries about seeing or reading about Will and me tangled up in the sheets. Pleezeee.
  2. Let’s state the obvious ~ I’m a pastor’s wife y’all. And I’ve got a best seller in human sexuality. I think that’s culturally so unexpected. And awesome. And really funny.
  3. This book is not so much ‘human sexuality’ as much as it is ‘the way women think vs. the way men think’ about sex.
  4. Wait … maybe it is about human sexuality …
  5. Okay, this book was really written by me and about 12 guys. All married men. That talk honestly and bravely and anonymously about sex. They’ll make you laugh. And cry. And they just might help you understand the way your husband thinks about sex. The stuff he’s just not brave enough to say out loud.
  6. Finally, unsexiest summer part. Goes something like this: I’m hooked up to a TENS unit because of a recent diagnosis of RSD, I feel like a big fat blob because I haven’t exercised in 6 weeks and we’re currently vacationing with all of our adult or nearly adult children (plus a friend, boyfriend and finance) in the same cabin!

So … there. No super easy way to end this post.

Me promoting a book I’ve written enfolded in a confession.

I guess I’ll go download that sucker. Re-read it. And hug my incredibly patient husband. :)

BUY TODAY. Because the sale ends today.

amazon * barnes and noble * christian book >> for $1.59!!!