Vintage Reads: Grace Livingston Hill

I rediscovered one of my favorites this summer  … books by author Grace Livingston Hill.

I stumbled on her work at a little mom and pop book shop in Estes Park, Colorado many years ago and was instantly smitten. Her stories are simple. Relationships wholesome. And the worldview is Christian. 

Since then, I’ve collected several vintage copies. I probably have about ten ~ which isn’t an awful lot since she wrote over a hundred (!) novels .

She wrote under various names: Marcia MacDonald and G.L.H Lutz but mostly under Grace Livingston Hill.

The covers are charming. This one from Happiness Hill is one of my favorites. Isn’t it sweet? I also discovered Norman Rockwell painted a cover for A Voice in the Wilderness. Wouldn’t it be fun to find that one?

If you love old books, be on the look-out at estate sales and such for her books. They’ll be well worth the few bucks you pay for them. But the really good news is many of her titles are now free on Amazon. I downloaded a couple last week. I especially love this title. ;)

happy, wholesome reading!