wait patiently.

wait patiently for God

Wait patiently for the Lord.

You know me.  I struggle with waiting. I am not patient. Instead, I fight the blank page and the unanswered questions. I entangle myself in reason when I don’t understand what’s going on. Trying to make it work, even when it’s clearly a time to wait patiently on you, God.

Help me in this season of quiet. Remind me quiet doesn’t mean that you’ve stopped working your good plans for my life. It doesn’t mean the visions and dreams you placed in my heart are at an end. It might just mean this is simply a season of rest.

Oh, God, build into my heart an expectancy emptied of any irritation. Because hope will not live with impatience. Find me tucked so close to your side that the dreams and visions and plans are completely secondary to your presence. Help me to wait patiently with you, God.


verse: psalm 27:14  photo: kate stafford