Waiting, wondering, worrying …

A couple days ago, I admitted I felt a little lost. I have been struggling to understand ‘what God wants me to do’ right now. I have a few opportunities coupled with a few too many doubts. I feel as though I’m on a road – lonely – and I’m just not sure where I’m going.

But then Kellye commented and reminded me of a great truth. She said this,“The beautiful piece is that as one of God’s kids, the more lost I feel, the more I ask him what to do …”

Isn’t that true?

I have often found that the wait, the wonder and even the worry – are the things that drive me to him.

And the truth is … I always need to get back to him.

In The Time of Your Life, I wrote about the woman in Mark 5 that was desperate for an answer. She spent years waiting, wondering, worrying.

And then Jesus showed up in a crowd.

And she thought, If I touch even his garment, I will be well.

So she did.

And then Jesus did something strange. He said, Who touched me?

… so this is what I wrote. Which is just the thing I needed to read. And remember.

“I have always wondered why Jesus asked who touched him when surely he knew. Why did his eyes scan the jostling crowd? Why create the tension and discomfort for the poor woman who probably just wanted to be healed and go on her way?

I think it is the same reason God makes us wait sometimes, why he seemingly lets our prayers for help go unanswered. Because it’s never enough for him to simply solve our problems. He desires not only to heal us but also to be with us.

Does God want to help you with your problems? Yes, of course.

But not at the expense of missing him.”

Thank you God. For the waiting. The wondering. The worrying. I do not want to miss you.