weekend on worship & ‘enough’ free stuff winners week 3

This weekend, Will and I, are teaching about worship together at church. As we were going over message notes this morning, it dawned on me how much this 31 day series is teaching me about giving. About sharing. About worship.

I’ve always thought of worship as something I say to God. But what I am realizing is that it is also something I do for God.

When I gift things or share things ~ whether a purse or a meal or a note or a blog post ~ it’s a tiny, small way of saying: Thanks, God. Thanks again for this life you’ve given me. These things, these words, these hands to help. Thank you.

I don’t have anything apart from God. I haven’t done anything to deserve this life. Or earn it. I’m not my own. And because of that, all this stuff … not my own.

I guess the thing is, I’m grateful. For the opportunity to share. For your participation in the sharing. This 31 day experiment is a ‘wow’ worship moment for me.

And now … week three winners (though aren’t we all?) in this 31 days of enough: and you get free stuff series:

day 15: fossil handbag ~ tara sims

day 16: vintage silver spoon ~ sally

day 17: l’occitane hand cream ~ wanda

day 18: fall note cards ~ jane wiliams

day 19: enough book ~ laura c

happiest saturday to you all ~ now off to the PO to mail week 2 winners their goodies!