what it takes to be a mother …

I think any woman can be a mother. It does not matter if you’ve birthed a child or adopted a child. That’s not what it takes to be a mother.

what it takes to be a mother ... susie davis

It only takes a little bit of age, a tiny bit of wisdom and a wide open heart to be a mother.

While I love this beautiful line by Emily Dickinson, it’s only half a quote. The pretty part. Here is what it looks like in it’s entirety.

Could you tell me what home is. I never had a mother. I suppose a mother is one to whom you hurry when you are troubled.  ~ Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson and her mother didn’t have a close relationship. Perhaps her mother was distracted or unhealthy. But for whatever reason, Emily’s mother was unavailable. And Emily felt motherless.

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. ~ Oprah Winfrey

There are a lot of young women out there that need a mama. Someone to coach, encourage, teach, lead and comfort. They desperately need a spiritual guide.

If you’re old enough to have a child, you’re old enough to be a mother. And if you’ve already mothered your own little family like me, then you’re plenty able to be a spiritual mother to a young woman.

Look around with your mama eyes and see the one who needs comfort, wisdom and direction. Then step in. Offer yourself.

And know that though the offering might seem so small, you’ve made the world a less lonely place and that is a BIG thing to do.