what to do if you have the flu.

My neighbor, Kristin, has it. So does her daughter.

And now my dad has it. :(

Everybody’s coming down with it.

There is something you can do if you get the flu …

And eat lots of chicken soup.

Don’t worry about how far behind you’re getting or how pitiful you feel that you’re not productive.

Just rest. And get well. And say a little prayer to the only One who is able.

I’ll be saying a little prayer for you, too.

Slow never killed time.

It’s the rushing and racing, the trying to catch up, this is what kills time – ourselves.   Why in the world do we keep wounding ourselves?   Life is not an emergency. ~ Ann Voskamp

PS. I’m sharing the recipe for this super easy chicken & rice soup this Sunday in our first Sunday Supper menu!