What wrecks your paradise?

Discontentment started in a garden. It left the ideal woman longing for more. Restless ~ and believing the ‘if only’ lie.

If only I things were different …then I would be happy. If only my kids would behave, my house was bigger, my spouse was more thoughtful.

This weekend, I had the chance to speak at ACF about the ‘secrets of contentment.’ I encourage you to listen to the message here.

You’ll hear things like this:

  • Discontentment is the enemy’s tool to wreck your peace and joy.
  • Contentment is thanking God for what you have ~ and thanking God for what you don’t have.
  • When the enemy assaults you, you need to be able speak God’s truth and push him back.
  • Realize that all you are doing in your ‘busy’ life is ‘managing blessings.’

In prepping for this message, I read Thomas Watson’s book The Art of Divine Contentment. Download it for under a buck. I highly recommend it.

Take the time today to listen to the message and read Thomas Watson’s book.

Learn the secrets of contentment … and love your life again.

 … shall I be discontented at that which is enacted by a decree, and ordered by a providence? Is this to be a child or a rebel? ~ Thomas Watson