What’s for lunch?

Good question. And so is this … why am I posting a picture of my lunch?

a. to make you jealous of my honeycrisp and peanut butter?

b. to show off my slowly progressing photography skills?

c. because I’m mad for these vintage dishes?

Yes. It’s answer ‘c’ and yes, I know that’s an unusual name for a design. But it was charming in the 40’s and 50’s. I love these plates because they say autumn with blue. How many autumn plates use brown and blue? Only one I’ve ever seen: These cute, little scalloped darlings. I found a few pieces in Leaky, Texas and have googled myself silly trying to find more … but alas, no. If you happen to have know their history or more importantly where I could finish out my small set. Please let me know.

And have a happy day.