When God says: Wait a Minute …

For the past several months, I’ve had an issue with a particular something. And I’ve had that pinchy feeling. The one that says, No more! I’m done with this! Over it – outta here.

And sure as certain, God says: Wait a minute. Just a minute now …

I don’t hear an actual voice. Instead, there’s a tiny string of circumstances.

And they unwind in a loopy, haphazard sort of way til I feel undone. And then suddenly, just like a cat on a string, there’s the pounce. And I sense God saying: Wait a minute … don’t move just yet.

Over and over, the same thing: The waiting. The frustration. The ridiculousness.

And then suddenly: The pounce.

I feel the pounce. I see the pounce. I realize the pounce. And I sense God asking me to wait.  Hold still – right there – and let me finish up with you, right where you are. Wait a minute.

The pounce.