when to use the fine china …

Teeny, tiny Shelby Kate came to the barn yesterday. Seems like a newborn and big ole animals like my horse, Kinetic, don’t mix. But it was the best day ever. A teeny, tiny little everyday party.

shelby at the barnLately I’ve been having all kinds of teeny, tiny little everyday parties. Like a few weeks ago for no reason at all, I pulled out the fine china for our family dinner. I served wine in the fancy crystal. And for dessert, it was cupcakes with candles.

It wasn’t Thanksgiving or Christmas or anybody’s birthday. It was just a regular Tuesday.

Maybe I’m slowing down to celebrate because I’m getting older or maybe because my people are moving away and I realize I’m never going to stop this train … 

Or maybe (hopefully) because God is getting through to me about enjoying today. This day. The only one I’ve got … I’m doing things like pulling out the china. The crystal. And the candles.

because even regular days with the people you love deserve celebration

I used to think newborn babies didn’t belong at barns.

I used to think my fancy china didn’t match an ordinary Tuesday.

I was wrong.

If you’ve never heard Stop This Train by John Mayer. Be warned … you’re gonna want to pull out the fine china tonight.




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when to use the fine china

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