when you feel afraid …

This is my daughter, Sara, on Kinetic at a horse show.

The Davis girls ride. And we’re grateful for the opportunity. But with that opportunity comes a risk …

I was reminded first-hand about the risk just last week. While jumping on Kinetic, I had a hard fall. Tossed right out of the saddle and over the saddle then landed flat on my back with a loud thump. It was one of those falls you feel for days. And think about over and over.

I don’t have to tell you that the next time I saddled up Kinetic, I thought about my tumble. As I was lifting my saddle over his shoulder, I felt the ache in my neck. The soreness in my arms. And there was a moment when a feeling of fear flickered through my whole being.

I remember thinking: What if I get hurt again? What if something crazy happens? Who will care for my family …? As I him saddled up, all these thoughts were going through my head. And in my lesson, as we were cantered up to that very jump where I fell ~ a feeling of fear crept in.

But I rode right past my fears and jumped the obstacle.

Because I love riding Kinetic. Though he is a big animal (17 hands) and there is a risk of falling, the joy far outweighs the risk.

Riding has taught me to do things while I’m still feeling afraid. And that translates into the rest of my life.

Sometimes, many times actually, I have to do things afraid.

I parent my kids afraid. I tithe afraid. I write afraid. I live a life of faith afraid. And from what I can tell, that’s pretty normal behavior for a Christ follower. 


So, what are you feeling afraid of?

Ride past your fears and jump the obstacle.

The joy far outweighs the risk.