where do you put things you want to remember?

I have trouble remembering important things unless I write them down. So for a long time, I’ve taken to writing down what I hear God saying to me in the morning. I get out my Bible, read through a daily section, then I write in my journal what I feel like is the most important thing God wants me to hear. The one or two verses that jump out at me.

But on so many days, I would get a couple hours into my day and forget. I’d forget the important things I heard Him say. So I started writing the verses out other places, too.  On post-it notes or my to-do list ~ so I would remember better. Just anything to get the words back inside.

Lately, this is working. My new favorites are these Wallies Peel & Stick Chalkboard on Amazon. Got a 4 pack, stuck them on my fridge and then wrote out the words I want to remember. The words I need to remember.

Seems I find myself in front of that fridge off and on all day long. :)

Where do you put important things you want to remember? 

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