where to find your Christmas miracle …

Can I tell you how grateful I am for Jules words this morning over at Pancake & Fries? She confessed she hasn’t done much for Christmas this year (me either) and then said, “I don’t want to feel like I am going through the motions at Christmas. I want to be calm, and relaxed, and content. I want to believe in Christmas, and I want to believe in miracles.”

Me too, Jules. Me, too.

Yesterday, I saw a miracle. One you might need to see. It’s so stunning, I really don’t have words.

{view: landfill harmonic}

Who does this? How does it happen?

Someone had eyes to see the art … in the garbage. Hope in the hopeless.

It reminds me so much of Jen’s post here called Mopping Haiti.

Over a lovely lunch at Elizabeth Street Cafe last week, Jen told me Haiti wrecked her. This radical woman who adopted from two from Ethiopia, preaches to thousands with her husband in Africa … she said, Haiti was perhaps the worst of all.  Because they get it. And we don’t.

These people. With their, “mopping dirt kind of hope – frustrating, decisive, complicated, dogged, wearisome, inspiring.

And these people, making music from the dump: They are the miracle.

These people are the kind of Christmas miracle we need most of all.

May I suggest this Christmas putting aside the list you can finish off at the mall and writing a big, fat check to your favorite missions project instead? Better yet, pull out the calendar and schedule a family trip to Haiti or Paraguay?

And pick up a mop … and listen to the music.

People realize that we shouldn’t throw away trash carelessly.

Well, we shouldn’t throw away people either.

In Austin & don’t know where to start? You’re welcome here.