While You’re Waiting …

I put a finch feeder in my backyard weeks ago. And so, I’ve been waiting for the finches to show up. They just haven’t come around … yet.

I could get impatient. But that would be kind of ridiculous. Instead, I have been finding little pieces of wonder in the waiting.

Like yesterday morning, I saw three baby screech owls in my backyard. Just hanging out in a tree. I stood still as ever staring at them when one swooped down on a lower branch to take a look at me. He twisted his head left and right – eyes transfixed on my face the whole time. What a load of wonder.

And this morning, I noticed the geraniums are still blooming. Even though it’s hot as heck here in Texas, those tenacious geraniums still bloom. That made me smile.

I was reminded that while I’m waiting – there’s still a lot to appreciate.

Maybe you’re waiting on something. Probably something more important than the arrival of finches.

Maybe you’re waiting on a job. Or a wayward child. Or a husband. That can be tiring. But please don’t miss the present wonder.  It’s there … somewhere.

While you’re waiting …

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Jesus confuses me. I am gratefully confused.