Wholehearted Women

I love this 5 minute writing challenge from The Gypsy Mama … and since I just arrived back home from a conference, I still have Brene Brown’s amazing keynote on my mind.

Hopefully it has found a deep place to live in my heart. If you haven’t ever heard Brene, please watch this 20 minute video. She is brilliant. And real. A woman that speaks from her whole heart.

Wholehearted women seek beauty in others. They don’t obsess on themselves.

Wholehearted women are courageous. And creative. And compassionate. And connected.

Wholehearted women reach out … and include:

Thank you Emily, Red Letter Words, Nester, Babybloomr, Leisa … and many others for reaching out and sharing lunch. And conversation. And making me realize that going to a conference alone doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. And finally, thanks so much to Alli for providing the Bliss.