Why Count Your Blessings?

At the gym last week, I was talking with a friend and she told me that she struggled with a half empty perspective. A dreary outlook. A gripey attitude.

So I suggested she start a gratitude journal. To write down a list ~ 30 things a day for the next 30 days. I basically issued a Joy Challenge.*

acornsWhat I realize from experience (I’ve issued my self a Joy Challenge dozens of times) is that not only does thankful living change your attitude and your mood, but it also changes your relationships.

About 15 years ago, Will and I went through a really difficult season (listen here) in our marriage. Along with counseling, I kept a gratitude journal. It was a vital piece of repairing our relationship.

Gratitude can change your relationship with your husband, your teenager, your boss ~ but most importantly, it changes your relationship with God.

Ann Voskamp said it this way: “Count your blessings and you discover who it is that can be counted on.”

Yep. Gratitude pulls you up close to God.

Count your blessings ~ and count on opening the door to His presence.


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