Why it’s necessary to be nice …

Today, I’ll stand behind someone in line at the grocery store that just lost their job.  I’ll sit behind a car as it misses the green light ~ watch it go from green to amber because a distracted mother is gazing out the window wondering when her teenager will come around.

Today, I’ll go to the drive-thru to get my favorite coffee and the cashier will be grumpy. Impolite. Because he just found out his sister has cancer. Then, as I’m driving to the bank, I’ll narrowly miss getting hit by by a car with some guy on his cell phone.  He’s angry, animated, occupied. Talking to his soon to be ex-wife.

Today is the duplicate of yesterday. A portent of tomorrow. Today people are hurting. Struggling to believe this is a day worth rejoicing.

And so today, it’s necessary to be nice.