Write a book in 30 Days

You’ve got a book inside you. Let’s get it out into the world! As a published author of seven books, I’ll lead you through the writing process step by step.

This Writing Program is Perfect for:

ministry leaders

You’re an aspiring thought or ministry leader with an important message to share. You understand the lasting power a book brings to your core community.


You have a story that challenged and changed you forever. Now, you’re ready to let the world know about how God cared for you in difficult seasons and situations.

biz owners

You’re a heart-centered business owner with a passion project. Join the ranks of small-biz owner/authors who couple a book with a business for greater impact.

I have the experience to help you walk through the book writing process step by step. As a creative, I understand the uniques challenges required in completing a big project. As a seasoned communicator, I have experience understanding where to share stories to make a difference. Let’s work together and tell the world about the wonderful things God has done for you.

At the end of the month, you’ll walk away with:

  • Your Book Title: No more wondering what to call your book. Land on a creative title that clearly communicates your book contents.
  • Your Chapter Titles: Write chapter titles that create curiosity and compel people to keep reading.
  • Your Manuscript: Write a book that reflects your unique voice and covers the scope of your goals.
  • Your Publication Path: Learn about various publishing options for your project.
  • Your Multi-Facet Promotion Plan: Choose promotion arenas that suit your project and your personality.

If You have a book inside of you, I’m here to help.

Writing and sharing your story encourages others. Your book is the way to leave a lasting legacy.

Along with that, writing your story helps you make sense of your life. It helps you better connect with your real self and the people you love most. Writing your story helps you feel clarity and gratitude. Writing your story helps you live a joyful, directed life. 

What Do You Get?

  • FIVE 90 minute group sessions leading where I’ll lead you through your book writing curriculum week by week. I’ll teach, encourage and motivate you on your book writing journey.
  • FOUR 30 minute co-writing sessions with book writing prompts. To keep you motivated during this high impact month, you’ll have four different thirty minute sessions with writing prompts and opportunity for Q/A on any questions that come up while you’re writing.
  • THREE expert interviews with an editor, a self-published author, and a traditionally published author.
  • TWO expert interviews with a web designer and marketing pro.
  • BONUS: Free access to a writing afternoon at The Franklin in La Grange, Texas.

How Does It Works?

  • We start with a kick-off group call on Wednesday August 17th from 4 – 5:30 pm CST. We’ll start off by landing on the book you want to write.
  • From there you’ll map out your month-long writing schedule via your calendar. I’ll share the co-writing session options you’ll have (there will be both am and pm options) as well as the expert interview sessions and the optional bonus writing day at The Franklin.
  • Following that, we’ll have our regularly scheduled 90 minute group teaching/writing sessions every Wednesday for the next 4 weeks from 4 pm – 5:30 pm CST. These sessions will also be recorded for your viewing the entire month.

Now is the time to write your book

Let’s get started! Jump on in. Now is the time to get the words from your heart and head on the page. I’ll lead the way and you’ll get your message out to your world.

The Experience I Bring to Your Writing Journey:

  • Writing is a daily joy, as well as a daily discipline for me. I’ve maintained a blog for the last 13 years. As well, I have had the privilege of publishing seven books via traditional publishers. See my books here.
  • Over 30 years ago, my husband, Will Davis Jr, and I started a non-denominational church in Austin. As well as being involved leadership and vision of Austin Christian Fellowship, I also teach at our weekend services. More about ACF here.
  • As well as keynoting events at gatherings and retreats nationwide for the last three decades, I teach regularly at my home church, Austin Christian Fellowship. Watch my teaching messages here.
  • I started my podcast in 2016. I interview pastors, authors, psychologists and mentors. The Dear Daughters Podcast is the place to hear interesting conversations that uplift you and help you live your one beautiful life. Dear Daughters Podcast
  • My greatest joy and privilege is being a wife, mother and grandmother to the people in my life. My deepest life priorities start with God and family. See more about my family.
What others are saying


Yes, all the classes are live online session via Zoom. We will meet Wednesdays from 4 – 5:30 pm CST.

Yes, all classroom sessions will be available for review and download the entire month.

I have published seven non-fiction books. So my specialty is non-fiction. While, the teaching tools and schedule would be helpful for either genre – and our expert editor is a fiction writer – I recommend fiction writers search for other resources.

If you have a passion project that you’d like to develop into a book, I believe that is part of your life story and I’m here to help!

That all depends on you. I will be present to educate, encourage, trouble-shoot, and guide but the actual words on the page depend on you.

In the classwork, there will be a segment on where and how to share your unique book project. We’ll cover traditional as well as self-published options as well as how to share on social media, email, and other avenues such as podcasts.

What you choose to do with your completed book project is completely up to you. And know this: Writing your story helps you better connect with your real self and the people you love most. Writing your story helps you detox from trauma. Writing your story helps you become resilient. Writing your story helps you make sense of your life. 

You will have the tools you need to continue finishing your book project. Additionally, alumnae of this classwork will have access to schedule personalized coaching to finish their project.

Space is Limited

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